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The bowfishing charter Texans love and trust

Your most memorable bowfishing experience.

Zavalla, Texas

"The family had a blast bowfishing! I'm looking forward to our next trip out on the water!"

Matthew Tissor

Why BT Outdoors Bowfishing?

The number one destination for bowfishing in East Texas

A Texas Parks and Wildlife Elite Angler award winner

BT Outdoors is a Texas Parks and Wildlife Elite Angler Award holder and the holder of several lake and river records. We offer guided bowfishing trips for families, groups, parties and special occasions.

Enjoy an six-hour long water excursion—bow fishing in the heart of East Texas. No bow fishing experience is needed to have a good time. Our bowfishing tour guide will get you up to speed with the correctly sized equipment, guided instruction on how-to, and general tips for bowfishing.

How much does it cost?

A simple per person cost

Booking cost

Minimum of 4 guests required to book (max 12).


/ person

Booking fee assessed the day of your trip.

"Our bridal party had such a great time on the water bowfishing! It was a first time for us bowfishing, but it certainly won't be the last."

Grace Baldon

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Have any questions?

Questions with answers

  • How long does the trip last?
    Bowfishing trips typically last 6 hours in total on the water. We will begin at dark and will bowfish for 4-5 hours(dependent on weather and water conditions). Trip lengths can be made flexible to suit customer needs.
  • How much does the trip cost?
    The booking costs are fixed at $125/person. We require a four-person minimum in order to book, with a maximum of 12 guests for any single trip. Please note a payment method(debit/credit card) is required in order to hold any booking date. Credit cards are charged an additional +$25/person. Charges will not be assessed until the day of the booking.
  • How can I schedule a booking?
    Currently, you must call in order to schedule a booking. At this time, we do not offer the ability to book online.
  • How many people can go?
    We allow for groups up to 12 people to go on a single trip. A minimum of 4 guests is required in order to book. Our boat is the largest on Lake Sam Rayburn. It is a custom built, 29-foot bowfishing boat made to accomodate large groups.
  • What should I bring with me?
    All bowfishing equipment is provided by BT Outdoors, and is apart of your booking costs. Bows can be adjusted so that you can shoot comfortably. We recommend bring your own drinks and snacks. Anyone consuming alcohol must be 21 years of age or older—in accordance with Federal laws. Note: Becoming overly intoxicated could result in a shortened trip at the discretion of the Bowfishing Guide. Anyone 13 or younger must bring a properly fitting life jacket, and must wear it at all times while on the boat—in accordance with Texas State Law. You will need a current Texas fishing license. We recommend bringing long pants, closed-toe or soft-soled shoes, and a light jacket for comfort. Glass bottles, sunflower seeds (pistachio, pumpkin, or any other type of seed), and firearms are NOT allowed on the boat under any circumstances.
  • Can I bring my own bow?
    Yes, you can bring your own bow. However, it needs to be set up for bowfishing. If your bow is not setup for bowfishing, we can supply you with a bow to use during the trip. Our bows are sized to fit for anyone for 8 years old and up. We also have bows to accomodate left-handed individuals.
  • What if I don't know how to bowfish?
    No bowfishing experienced is required. Before hitting the water, we do a full guided instruction on safety, how-to use the equipment, and learning how to bowfish. We also have time allotted for practicing before hitting the water.
  • When and where should we arrive?
    Upon confirmed booking, a local address will be given, to which we will meet 45 minutes before dark. This is necessary as we'll need to go over safety and equipment instruction for bowfishing. We'll also have time to practice before hitting the water. We encourage this to be a time for learning and having all of your questions answered.

Ready to book?

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